centrum designu

CTCC project brings together partners and stakeholders from 5 countries (Poland, Germany, Sweden, Lithuania and Denmark) with aim to increase cooperation between traditional and creative sectors for development and launch of new innovative products, processes and services in our region.

Creative Traditional Companies Cooperation

Discover challenges and opportunities for blue (maritime-led) and green (ecological, environmentally-friendly technologies-led) sector.  Start with us during Design talks Business Conference 4th and 5th of April in PSTP Gdynia.

Design talks Business Conference

EcoDesign Learning Factory – discover ecodesign challenge and user needs,  identify environmental, business and technology impacts and opportunities and build the solution based on circular business model.

EcoDesign Learning Factory workshops

EcoDesign Circle seeks to increase the capacity in ecodesign of 6 design centres.

EcoDesign Circle

Design EntrepreneurSHIP - Conference finalising the project – Gdynia 11-12th July 2014 Enter new projects financed from 2014-2020 programme!

Design EntrepreneurSHIP

This year’s theme points out that the urban reality is co-created by its residents from different generations. Their impact on the city structure and the way daily life is shaped by the city itself are the issues which will be touched upon during exhibitions, workshops and other festival events. The top design festival in Poland will take place on 4-13th July 2014.

CITY + 5.30.60 – the new theme of Gdynia Design Days festival 7th edition

GDYNIA DESIGN DAYS is the biggest summer design festival in Poland!


From 8-13th April 2014 the City of Gdynia cordially invites to Loftino, Opificio 31 at via Tortona 31 during Milan Desgin Week 2014 for an exhibition showcasing 12 products designed in Polish Pomerania presented in  a ‘tasty’ way…

Taste of an object. Products desgined in Polish Pomerania